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Widebody Virtual Pinball Cabinet -Assembled- Williams Pinball Company WPC style

Widebody Virtual Pinball Cabinet -Assembled- Williams Pinball Company WPC style

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A Virtual Pinball Cabinet assembled, including a full backbox. Precision cut using a CNC Machine and 3/4-inch high-quality pinball cabinet plywood. This fully assembled kit is designed to emulate an original Bally/Williams Style Widebody Pinball Cabinet. Inside playfield dimensions are 23.25" x 45" and should work with any standard accessories designed to fit a Bally/Williams widebody cabinet, including the Williams/Bally WPC Stainless Steel Side Rails, Widebody Size Stainless Steel Lockdown Bar, and Williams/Bally Widebody Playfield Glass Rear and side rail Channels.

The fully assembled cabinet is designed to work well with most 42-inch playfield tv/monitors and most 32-inch backglass tv/monitors.

Unlike other companies, we understand that when you are ready to build your virtual pinball cabinet, you need your items shipped quickly. All flat packs will ship within 5 to 7 business days from when they are ordered.

All of our fully assembled virtual Pinball Cabinets will include:

  • The pinball cabinet and backbox are fully assembled.
  • Pre-drilled button holes for pinball flippers, magnasaves, plunger, ball launch, start, back, and coin.
  • Precut corners for solid pinball cabinet assembly.
  • Coin box area cutout for easy pinball coin box installation.
  • 1 Fan hole in the center bottom and 2 located in the rear plate.
  • Pre-drilled holes for pinball cabinet leg bolts and leg plates.
  • Pre-routed channels for pinball playfield glass side rails.
  • Pre-routed channels for pinball backbox t-molding.
  • Pre-cut speaker panel designed for 15.6-inch LCD DMD's and speakers.
  • Pre-routed channel for pinball backglass plexi.
  • Includes custom-cut pinball backglass plexi.
  • installed Pinball cabinet corner blocks and braces included!
  • Assembly instructions are available upon request.
  • VESA mount for pinball backglass monitor installation included.
  • Custom-designed virtual pinball playfield mounting options available upon request.

    As with any item we sell, we promote and encourage originality!!! Need something special? We have you covered; just reach out before ordering.

    This is a woodworking project, so please be prepared to use nails, screws, high-quality wood glue, clamps, sanders, paint, and anything else needed to put the flatpack together.

    All flatpack sales are final.

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