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Widebody Virtual Pinball Cabinet Backbox -Flat Pack- Williams Pinball Company WPC style

Widebody Virtual Pinball Cabinet Backbox -Flat Pack- Williams Pinball Company WPC style

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A Virtual Pinball Cabinet backbox flat pack. Precision cut using a CNC Machine and 3/4-inch high-quality pinball cabinet plywood. This kit is designed to be used with any williams style widebody cabinet.  The kit will include the cabinet top shelf so the backbox will attach the correct way. The Virtual pinball cabinet backbox dimensions are 32" tall x 31.5" long. The backbox is designed to be used with a 32 inch backbox display and a 15.6 inch dmd display. A vesa mount for the 32 inch backbox display is included along with the plexi glass designed for the front of the display.

Unlike other companies, we understand that when you are ready to build your virtual pinball cabinet, you need your items shipped quickly. All flat packs will ship within 5 to 7 business days from when they are ordered.

All of our virtual Pinball Cabinets Backbox will include:

  • CNC Precision cut 3/4 inch pinball cabinet plywood panels that are easily assembled.
  • predrilled starter holes for initial assembly
  • vesa mount for mounting 32 inch backglass monitor
  • Pre-routed channel for pinball backglass plexi.
  • Includes custom-cut pinball backglass plexi.
  • includes cabinet top shelf for easy instalation in your own cabinet design.
  • 15.6 DMD cut out
  • 5.25 inch speaker cutouts

    As with any item we sell, we promote and encourage originality!!! Need something special? We have you covered; just reach out before ordering.

    This is a woodworking project, so please be prepared to use nails, screws, high-quality wood glue, clamps, sanders, paint, and anything else needed to put the vitual pinbal cabinet bacbox flatpack together.

    As with any wood sold today the width of the material can range from 5/8 to 3/4.

    For an explanation of why this is read the following from the MJRnet pinscape build

    "Nominal" lumber dimensions refer to what the lumber yard calls it, not the true size. Plywood is generally 1/32" thinner than the nominal thickness, and dimensional lumber, such as 1x2 or 2x2 strips, is generally 1/4" to 1/2" less in each dimension than the nominal size. So when the list above calls for 3/4" plywood, it means you should buy what the lumber yard calls 3/4" plywood, even though the true thickness will be slightly less than that.

    All flatpack sales are final.

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