Virtual Pinball Cabinet LG C2 C3 Monitor Mounting System Tips and Tricks

Virtual Pinball Cabinet LG C2 C3 Monitor Mounting System Tips and Tricks

There is no right way or wrong way to install your monitor in your Virtual Pinball Cabinet.  Some folks want the monitor recessed like a real playfield and many people now want the monitor near the glass.  The new VPX 10.8 POV system seems to look the best when the monitor runs along with the glass but again this is your choice to make!!!!

Here are some quick pointer to help with your install.

First of all be sure to read MJNET's Monitor mounting section located here

Also Watch the Way of the Wrench's Video guide on installing your monitor located on YouTube. His entire Channel is invaluable for learning how to build your own Virtual Pinball Cabinet.


SO here are few helpful hints and how I installed mine

I use 1x3 boards for my cross supports screwed to 2 small 2x4 pieces I have installed on the sides of the cabinet.  I cut my cross supports at a length of 23 1/8 of an inch. The inside of the cabinet is 23 1/4 so I cut the cross supports a little shy of the internal dimensions so I am not scratching the inside of the cabinet as I am installing the supports.

1.  My first cross bar or support is installed right around 8.5 inches from the front of the cabinet and 13 inches from the floor of the cabinet. this is where mine are you may want to install yours differently.  
2. after the cross support is installed you will want to place a bottle jack on the floor of the cabinet near where the rear of the monitor mount will be. You may need to put the jack on a small stack of books or another item that can make it a bit taller depending on how tall your jack gets. Yes I stole this idea from Way of the Wrench and he should get full credit for showing this technique on his youtube video

3. Go ahead and place the monitor and mount on the front cross support and the jack.  Then jack the rear up to where you want your monitor level to be.  Once satisfied, make a mark inside the cab where you want the second cross support to be. Right around 3/4 of the way to the rear of monitor mount should work.
4 Remove monitor and mount and install second cross support
5 After the supports are installed, put the monitor and mount back in the cab with the dowel rod installed on the monitor mount using the 2 c clamps that were provided.  
6. Dry fit your lockdown bar where it will be then position your monitor where you want it.  I like mine where the edge of the monitor is right flush with the edge of the lockdown bar. Make sure to position your monitor where you will want it inside the cab.  You will have right around 1 inch on both sides.
7. Now install the dowel rod closet supports in the sides of the cab around the dowel rod that is attached to the monitor mount.
You should be done
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