virtual pinball cabinet

Virtual Pinball Cabinet Base Assembly Instructions

Ok so your ready to build your base cabinet!!!!! Please use good wood glue and quality hardware such as a good finishing screw or Brad nails. Move quickly when putting together so the glue creates a good solid bond. 

Be sure to use a wood glue brush and spread your wood glue along the entire inside channel of every panel while building your cabinet.

Step 1

Attach 1 side panel to the floor panel of cabinet.  There are 2 starter holes on the sides.  Remember to predrill the inside pieces of the cabinet thru the starter holes to prevent splitting. Add 2 screws to secure the side to the floor.

Step 2

 Attach the front panel to the side panel and floor panel.

Step 3

Attach next side panel to the front panel and floor panel.  Only fasten the front screw during this step.  Leave the rear screw out for now.

Step 4

Attach the rear panel to both sides and the floor piece. You will need to pull the side that is not screwed to the floor in the rear back a bit to fit everything together.  Once all the pieces are fit together add the screw to the rear of the side panel and add the screws to the rear panel.

Step 5

Attach the 1 inch lip to the cabinet ceiling panel

Step 6

Attach cabinet ceiling panel to main body of cabinet with lip facing towards the front of the cabinet

At this point Strap your Cabinet and let it sit for however long the wood glue you are using recommends.  Feel free to add additional screws and nails.

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